Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Sunnie Outlook on Spectacles!

Walking through my yard this afternoon in my bare feet, with the warm sun beating on my face (yet blinding my eyes); I realized that I may need some more glasses for this summer.  Sunglasses are just another  favorite accessories of mine and how could you not love them?  They are such an easy way to add some pizazz to a look.  Plus you can never have to many, considering how there are so many different kinds for every outfit.  I perused several sites, and found that many have very similar glasses.  I am one to buy the cheap glasses, because I always lose expensive ones and can never get rid of the cheap-o's.  If you are looking, then Urban Outfitters has the most eclectic variety while Forever 21 has more refined and then the funky ones for beach wear and such.  Here are some of my favorite from Urban Outfitters!

For future posts, I promise to have more sewing post.  I am getting close to finishing all of my finals, so I shall have a bit more time!

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