Monday, January 31, 2011

Midi skirt

Well today I did go thrift shopping and did find a piece of rather adequate clothing.  It was a printed, pleated midi skirt, with an interesting matching top.  I did not buy it because like everything I have to think about it.  I am planning on returning in hopes that it will still be there, then I will be quick to show you!  Chloe was my inspiration for thinking of buying the item.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thrift Shopping

On my way home from school on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I pass by a store that just opened it is a thrift shop.  Today, I drove by and pressed my face against the glass and it was confirmed at that moment that I will be going thrifting tomorrow!  The items were not that bad looking, and I am excited to see what I can find.  Earlier today I went to a different thrift store near my home and found an amazing woven type dress that I would have turned into a maxi skirt.  The fabric reminded me of something that Missoni would send down the runway.  I was about to snatch the dress up until I touched it and realized that a suspiciously gross type film came off of it.  Uhhh ewww.  So needless to say, I did not buy it and left to get a cappuccino that I was over charged for and it was made wrong.  That all kind of stunk, but today the weather was so gorgeous and warm which helped to remind me that spring is not that far away! That makes me so excited for the hot weather and to start wearing spring trends.  On that note, I have already made my shopping list of items that I hope to find, no matter how oddly specific some of the things on my list are, you never know what you will find.  I hope to find anything with a busy pattern, bright colors, cool t-shirts, or high waisted denim.  I am also just looking for good fabric in general.  I told you that is a very general list but it helps me narrow my thoughts to know what to look for.  Here are some patterns from the past spring 2011 runway, that are acting as my inspiration...
Mary Katrantzou
 Rebecca Taylor

Friday, January 28, 2011

Alexa Chung

I can always appreciate a fashionista who knows exactly what their style is, something that I am completely unable to do.  I kept seeing a certain girl in many blogs and several magazines, till the point where I had to ask myself a while back who is this girl?   Alexa Chung is an adorable Brit, who is a model, a contributing editor for British Vogue, and host of Britain's "It's on with Alexa Chung."  I wish I could watch her show but I can not find it in America.  Anyway, I  am posting about her because of a video I watched of her as she explained her style on  I loved how she knew exactly what she liked.  She explained that she likes to dress like a tom boy and liked the disheveled look.  I however, believe that she always looks so stylish and pretty.  She also  explained how she wasn't good with dressing like a girly girl and always ended up wearing outfits that are more for little girls.  I believe that she pulls the look off nicely though and admire how she loves to thrift shop!  The girl has taste and style, and I am proud that she is getting lots of attention for it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thick Heels

I can never walk in the very skinny high heels.  I try my best, but am finding that I need to start small, or should I say thick.  The recent seasons designers have shown a plethora of high heels with thick heels.  I have been in desperate need of what I refer to as training heels, to get better at walking in the higher  heels.  The thin stilettos always seemed to fit perfectly into every crack that I passed on the road causing a great amount of tripping then pain was quick to follow.  I have found a new love for the thick heels.  I just never expected the thick heel to get this thick.  Dries Van Noten for spring introduced fabulously colorful thick heeled shoes that are so modern, fresh and just down right fun.  If you are in need of some training heels that are in style and gorgeous, Dries Van Noten is just the cure.  Did I mention these heels will not be fitting into any cracks that anyone comes across!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Palette Cleanser

Well, I have a bit of an odd post today, but it is a fashion rule that I believe everyone should follow.  Yes, I understand that many fashionistas do not believe in such ludicrous rules that take away from personal style and defame ones own facade.  However, this rules allows one to be themselves just in a different way.  I call it... the Palette Cleanser.  Yes, I am aware that a Palette Cleanser usually occurs in between a large four course meal and such.  I however, apply this to fashion.  For example...
I never realized that I tend to dress up a bit when I attend school.  I always thought it was just casual, until one day I wore a t-shirt, jeans, may hair in a pony tail.  I arrived in class and a friend that sits next to me said, “Thank God, you look like a normal person today.”  Hence the new once or twice a month, Palette Cleanser.  This is a day in which you wear something that still expresses your personal style but in a different way.  It has to be slightly opposite of what you normally do though, because when people see you dressed up everyday, you need to give ones eyes a break, and show another side, so they can once again enjoy you being your usual fashionista.  I figured since today is raining and I just have a few errands to run, plus I go to work in a bit, that I would wear a comfy outfit as my palette cleanser.  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christian Dior Summer/Spring 2011

Yes, I am aware that I post about Dior and Burberry a lot but what can I say.  I was looking at the couture lines and of course one of my favorites is Christian Dior.  John Galliano puts his mind to something and no matter what he creates, it is always amazing works of beautiful art.  He is lucky to posses my biggest dream of working in couture.  I was going to post my favorite parts of the line, but found myself posting every picture from the line.  To solve this predicament, I found a short video of the line.  John Galliano's inspiration for this line is from is the famous artist Rene Gruau known for his beautiful, exaggerated illustrations and paintings of fashion (especially couture) that made him famous in the 1940's and 1950's.   I really appreciate this whole show from how the fabrics move, to how the models are rather seductive, sexy yet classy as they slowly walk down the runway which is simply stunningly beautiful.  It is all just so perfect, and quite the show.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Make-up: eyeshadow

I did a hair post yesterday, so it is only fair that I do a post on make-up.  I love to make a statement, but making a statement does not always need to be done with an outfit or jewelry.  I find that it is fun to sometimes make a statement with make-up.  Today I was feeling like doing a blue type eyeshadow and sharing how I did it.  These pictures made me laugh as I never realized how crooked my eyebrows are, they are so troublesome and impossible to fix.  I also never realized in some pictures how much my different colored eyes show, good stuff.  Let's begin...
This is the eyeshadow palette that I have from Urban Decay.  I love these colors and for today I used the VZI, Flipside, Kiddie Pool, and oil slick. Not pictured I used sunset and deep sea both the Ulta brand.

1.  I start with this Urban Decay eyeshadow primer  that is absolutely amazing as it keeps your eye-shadow from creasing and it stays on the whole day.
2. After the primer I start with a light colored eye-shadow (Sunset) to lighten my eyes and have a good base.
    3. Along with using the light eyeshadow, I then use a white shadow (VZI) right below the brow to add some more shine and make my eyes pop once all the other colors are on my lids.

 4. Next add the blue.  I started with Kiddie Pool.

 5. After the Kiddie Pool blue, I used Flipside for the far corners of my lids, to create a smokey blue eye. i also added blue under my eye for more of an affect.
6. I used sunset again to blend the colors, then added Oil Slick for my eyeliner, using a very thin eyeliner brush.  Along with the blue under my eyes I also added some more of the Oil Slick for more definition.
7. Last add mascara, I use Colossal lash mascara from Maybelline.

8. The finished product, that doesn't look to blue in this picture but I assure you it is pretty blue, but not 1980's blue.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 hair.

Hair along with make-up is a major part of fashion.  I saw a video of the backstage at Alexander McQueen and absolutely love the hair.  It was amazing to watch about 6 hands at a time weave the models hair strands in and out of each other.  The result is none other than an amazing work of art made of hair.  I would love to attempt to do my hair this way, though I would most likely fail miserably, I still think that it is worth a shot!  I love how the back of the hair is also formed into a type of braided bun, I absolutely adore this whole look with simple make-up, and absolutely stunning hair.  Genius!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I do not have much of a post to offer at the current moment, other than a simple picture that I took from my car window on a ride home from a lunch one day.  This graffiti was down an ally and I was lucky enough to first of all have my camera, and second to snap a decent shot from the car without getting everything in its immediate surrounding also.  Why in the world why I post this on a fashion blog?  I believe that everyday items that we see can inspire us in different ways.  I have found myself staring at this picture because I find it aesthetically pleasing.  The dark feel is what I love so much about it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Doc Martens

I have had quite the obsession with these shoes.  I do not own a pair...yet.... I would love to buy a pair in the future, if I can find a good deal.  I think they look awesome with anything you wear.  They are what I like to refer to as the year round shoe.  When it is cold they are great with jeans, then in summer they look pretty kick ass with some shorts.  I always seem to enjoy finding the back story of the object, so here is some short history about how Doc Martens were created.  They were created by Klaus Martens, who was a doctor in the German army during World War II.  While serving he injured his ankle while skiing and found that the army boots were uncomfortable.  In a state of pain he created a soft leather and air-padded sole.  The shoes did not sell good at first, but in the short story he met up with a doctor friend, created a business and made quite the hit among the counter culture of the U.K.

I think I might like black the best, but the other colors are also just as cool.  Decisions...

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Personally I am not a fan of the uber girly fashions, i.e. frills, ruffles, flowy, fringes, all leopard print outfits.  Then there is Blumarine, with fashion designer Anna Molinari who is amazing.  The woman can take leopard print flowy, bright colored outfits and make any girl want to wear them forever.  I love how in her spring collection and actually every collection, it is always beautifully sewn, moves beautifully and no one else can do what Anna Molinari does.  Seriously beautiful stuff, fringes and all.  The shoes in this line and styling are also just perfect, cute and of course girly.  I enjoyed watching the color palette of the collection as it changed from blues, to turquoise to pink to tan to black and white.  Okay so the whole line is just freaking perfection!  Did I mention that it looks comfortable too.  

Anna Molinari
I tried to sum up the line the best I could, it is just great.  If you would care to see more as always check out under fashion shows, then click Blumarine!