Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fearrington Village

To continue from yesterday's post, as I left you hanging wondering why I had posted a picture of a barn, I wanted to post the adventure I had earlier this morning when I went to a local farm and shopping area.  The area is called Fearrington Village and is so beautiful to visit.  This village of little homes that are mainly for retired people, but also has a bed and breakfast, gardens, shops, and adorable, yet very large cows!  I like just visiting this calm and quiet area and enjoying a latte, especially on a relaxing Sunday with the family.  This morning was muggy and cloudy, but it was still beautiful to walk around the gardens that are beginning to bloom.  There is also a small stone pathway that I love to walk on to this area that over looks the farm, but I could not do that today as there was a wedding that was taking place.  Simply beautiful.  Here are some pictures of my adventures.
Beginning the relaxing Sunday with a mocha.

Next was the garden.
 I can never be serious in pictures, when someone else takes them.  Rather I just giggle like a small child, hence my ridiculous smile and laughter in many pictures.
The barn below (which I posted yesterday) is where wedding receptions or other gatherings take place.  Underneath the mound of green plants, is a pathway that has several sticks wrapped in lighting.  It is a beautiful entrance.

 The adorable oreo cows.  (They are huge)
 The donkey was so cute and kept playing with a stick.
 ...and the cows.

Unicorn, or a donkey? 

 I hope that everyone enjoys or enjoyed their Sunday as much as I am and did.  

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