Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fashionable Gift Giving Ideas

I am back.  Well, technically I never left I just have been incredibly busy.  A quick update about me, I love my new job and have been working a bunch.  I am so excited for the quickly approaching holiday season and need to begin my Christmas shopping.  We keep it simple which is always nice, as long as we get to share it together we are happy!  Here are some fun PRACTICAL gift ideas for you loved ones.  Yes, it is before Thanksgiving time but I am excited, so darn it enjoy this post.
-Simple, yet if you live in a cold climate it is very practical.  You can also pick a scarf out that coincides with their personality or style, making the gift more personal.  

-You can always use good slippers for those fun days of lounging around the house.

-Fun Jewelry, if you know the persons style.