Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Sunnie Outlook on Spectacles!

Walking through my yard this afternoon in my bare feet, with the warm sun beating on my face (yet blinding my eyes); I realized that I may need some more glasses for this summer.  Sunglasses are just another  favorite accessories of mine and how could you not love them?  They are such an easy way to add some pizazz to a look.  Plus you can never have to many, considering how there are so many different kinds for every outfit.  I perused several sites, and found that many have very similar glasses.  I am one to buy the cheap glasses, because I always lose expensive ones and can never get rid of the cheap-o's.  If you are looking, then Urban Outfitters has the most eclectic variety while Forever 21 has more refined and then the funky ones for beach wear and such.  Here are some of my favorite from Urban Outfitters!

For future posts, I promise to have more sewing post.  I am getting close to finishing all of my finals, so I shall have a bit more time!

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

What an absolutely magical and beautiful wedding!  I managed to pull myself out of bed an hour later than I had planned, at 5 a.m.  Thank goodness I did not miss anything!  I have not ever watched a royal wedding before so it was such a treat.  I loved watching everyone arrive, the fashion, but most of all those hats that topped so many heads!  I am so happy for William and Catherine and wish them a long and happy marriage.  I love how poised and composed they seem with so many people watching, I know how nervous I would be.  On to the dress, before the wedding my Mom had asked me who I thought would have made the dress.  Considering how I have been obsessing over the topic of Kate's dress, I felt slightly confident and hopeful as I said Alexander McQueen, which would mean Sarah Burton.  I was so happy and shocked when I was actually right in my guess.  The dress is just stunning and perfectly fitted, not to mention the detail.  Kate was just beautiful.  I am happy that she did not do something over the top.  It is said that Kate had a lot to do with the creation of the dress, as it does not look like Sarah Burtons other work.  I beg to differ as the detail is definitely a direct hint that it was made by Sarah Burton.  Thanks to for some of the first pictures!

 This train is just beautiful.

 A white bridesmaid dress was different, but absolutely stunning.  

These pictures below are some of my fashion statements by Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.  I love both of their hats.  

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have attempted not to post shoes for a while, as I found myself constantly wanting to post them.  I love shoes which I know I have stated several times before.  Well here are some dream shoes!  I am in the mood to buy some platforms for summer, though they are impractical but in true girl form I guess it is reasonable to use the absolutely lame excuse of "but they are pretty."  That is a good enough excuse for me.  These are beautiful shoes thanks to the pictures from and  What more can I say, enjoy!
These beauties are from and they are all Jeffrey Campbell!

 These shoes are from mod cloth below.

I am so excited for the Royal Wedding in a few hours.  I am waking up at 4 am when it begins!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Touch of Blue

This season, I am happy to say is full of color!  I have seen so many people indulging them selves in this trend; whether it is hot pink, yellow, or orange, you have to love it.  Yet, what about blue?  I am aware that royal blue is going to be quite in style for the fall, but this spring and summer it seems that blue is being overlooked.  I found several pictures where stars have paired their outfits with a blue/ turquoise accessory or their whole outfit is blue.  I may find myself adding some blue to my summer collection, for sure!  The pictures are from the ever fun
Blake Lively
-She said her inspiration was Ariel
 Mary-Kate Olsen
 Amy Smart
 Jennifer Hudson
 Jennifer Hudson
 Bonnie Wright
 Heidi Klum

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello Kitty for Japan

How can you not love an adorable little kitty with tiny black eyes and a sweet bow upon her head?  I often have to remind myself that I am currently 19 and thus should be more into growing up and finding clothes that could be used for a career; but every so often I must indulge on an item of this cute little icon.  I suppose that indulgence time has arrived, only this time with a very good cause.  Urban Outfitters is offering a tote bag, or what I call a canvas bag with Hello Kitty holding Japan's flag.  The bag is only $10, and $6.50 goes to the Red Cross in order to continue the relief efforts.  This picture is from Nylon magazine.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gender-Neutral Fashion

The name of this post alone may have you scratching your head, wondering if you have read it correctly.  To this, I must simply assure you that you have indeed read it correctly, and that women's wear can be mens wear and mens wear can be women's wear.  Being Mrs. Functionality, I find myself wondering if this could actually work?  Thank you to this article, which brought this new trend to my attention.  Yes, if you clicked on the link, you found yourself looking at Mr. West in a women's wear Celine shirt.  I think that he can pull it off, but could others do the same?  Kanye West being quite the fashionista himself can pull off almost anything as it is his style to be daring and of course controversial.  Not to be a bit sexist, but it has always been a trend for women to wear mens wear, so I guess it only makes sense to turn the tables and let the men steal their girlfriends clothes instead of the other way around.  Could this be the future?  Feel free to let me know your opinion as I am curious to see what others are thinking!
Kanye West in Celine
 Liv Tyler in Riccardo Tisci 
 Andrew Mukamai in Proenza Schouler (I love this coat)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Zara Floppy Hat

I am not one to frequent Zara, but now have realized that I am missing out.  I am in love with these fabulous floppy hats that are quickly becoming a summer staple.  They are so cute and can be easily dressed up or down.  As for the price, $25 to $35 dollars is pretty reasonable.  Check out, and you shall see these floppy hats becoming a trend.

This one is my favorite!

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Very Own American Apparel Clutch

Oh how I adore that fabulous oversized American apparel clutch that is beginning to pop up under the arms of several bloggers.  I have previously blogged about this clutch here.  Due to its sudden rise in popularity, I feel the need to have one.  In my usual fashion, I decided to make one only with a twist of my own.  Yes, instead of just the bright orange leather that I decided to make it with, why not add my an applique.  A while ago I found an old flower pot that was my Grandma's sitting in my garage.  I loved the piece and quickly cleaned it up and am using it to hold my pencils and such.  I love antique things I find them so pretty and unique, not to mention that several have unknown stories that add to the charm of the item.  This particular flower pot has an adorable green owl on it, and as some may already know of my obsession with owl things,(necklaces, flower pots, broches, etc.)  I took a picture of the owl put it on the computer, then printed it onto some iron on transfer paper.  I then ironed the picture onto a piece of cotton.  I realized that I wanted the owl to still look like an antique, so I over ironed it to make the picture a bit fuzzy; then sewed it onto the bright orange leather.  I think it is a perfect match.  This bag is definitely perfect for this season considering how clutches and orange are in.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Salvatore Ferragamo menswear spring 2011

Vacation in the south of France during the days of F. Scott Fitzgerald was the inspiration for Massimilliano Giornetti spring 2011 menswear line.  Giornetti's construction helped to convey his clear and precise vision through sleek lines, luxe fabrics and a cool toned color palette.  The line is classic with a modern feel and quite the crowd pleaser.  I enjoyed how the line transforms from a day look to a evening look, that are all dressy yet relaxed.  How can you not love this line?  More pictures as always are on

I will have a post coming up about thrift store items that I found today!