Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yellow and Khaki

I love to follow trends, though they do not last long at all.  I find it so much fun to try and keep up while indulging in the current trend as much as possible before it goes away again.  I was of course checking all the usual blogs, and magazine websites that I constantly and check and obsess over.  Today's picture comes from Harper's Bazaar which has a fabulous little section on 50 chic tips for spring.  My favorite tip was something that I overlooked and had not thought about.  Tip number 18 which shows yellow and khaki, as worn by stylist Elisa Nalin at Paris Fashion week.  I am not a fan of khakis as I wear them to work all the time, plus I can never find a pair that is flattering.  This picture causes me to second guess, perhaps I will have to invest in the fun spring trend.

Also I said yesterday that I would post pictures of the shirt I made on Sunday.  That is actually going to have to wait possibly till Thursdays post when I plan to wear it.  I should never plan, and just go with the flow as usual.  I promise it is coming though.

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