Monday, March 7, 2011

1930's Fashion and Music

Today as I slipped on a pair of blue rubber gloves that went to my elbows, I was reminded how I used to pretend that I was Cinderella.  I would pretend that I had to finish cleaning in a timely manner in order to attend the ball.  Having these memories in my mind as I prepared to clean my bathroom, I felt the sudden urge to listen to old time music. (Yes I know Cinderella has nothing to do with old music.)  I found a station on pandora radio for big band and was satisfied.  I then began to think of how much I love big band music of the 1930's specifically, and of course the fashion of the 1930's.  I am partial to listening to Benny Goodman, as a clarinet player myself, I have a big appreciation for his incredible sound quality and amazing talent on the instrument.  (It is also a good idea to listen to Benny Goodman as you look at the pictures, it sets the mood.)  Hope you enjoy!

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McCalls sewing patterns


Hats from late 20's to 30's

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