Friday, January 28, 2011

Alexa Chung

I can always appreciate a fashionista who knows exactly what their style is, something that I am completely unable to do.  I kept seeing a certain girl in many blogs and several magazines, till the point where I had to ask myself a while back who is this girl?   Alexa Chung is an adorable Brit, who is a model, a contributing editor for British Vogue, and host of Britain's "It's on with Alexa Chung."  I wish I could watch her show but I can not find it in America.  Anyway, I  am posting about her because of a video I watched of her as she explained her style on  I loved how she knew exactly what she liked.  She explained that she likes to dress like a tom boy and liked the disheveled look.  I however, believe that she always looks so stylish and pretty.  She also  explained how she wasn't good with dressing like a girly girl and always ended up wearing outfits that are more for little girls.  I believe that she pulls the look off nicely though and admire how she loves to thrift shop!  The girl has taste and style, and I am proud that she is getting lots of attention for it.

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