Friday, May 17, 2013

Photo Apps

     I have become obsessed with photo editing apps!  I love them.  My favorite so far has been the new app created by the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess.  The app has so many fun borders, doodles and cute texts to add to photos.  I also have been enjoying instagram (of course), and Pic Stitch.  They are all quite entertaining and very useful!
-A Beautiful Mess App

 -These three below are a mixture of A Beautiful Mess and Pic Stitch. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Delicious Veggie Wraps

     I thought for a change today I would post about a delicious idea my Mom had made for lunch recently.  These veggie wraps are healthy and absolutely amazing.  We got romaine lettuce, chopped up some carrots, red peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, avocado, onions and added some sesame seeds on top.  Then laid them neatly on the romaine lettuce and in my case added a more than heaping amount of peanut sauce.  My goodness, I could drink the whole bottle!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Summer Trend: Super Reflective Sunglasses

     I am personally not typically a big fan of styles like the reflective sunglasses, but must admit that at my job we have gotten in some adorable, fun and tasteful reflective lensed sunglasses.  The aviator Ray-Bans with the foggy clear frames, being the most popular and sold out in about two days.  I am not a fan of Ray-Bans because I think they fit weird and are way over-priced.  The Ray-Ban company also recently increased there prices anywhere from $5 to $50 on almost all of their styles.  Crazy!  Anyway, I do admit that the aviator ones I just spoke of are pretty awesome.  Here are some other awesome styles and brands.
-They have two walls of reflective cheap sunglasses at Target.  They are all pretty awesome, or if you want to invest, then there are more options below.

-Dsquared2 $225
 -Aviator Ray-Bans

-Here is a Nylon Tv video that shows awesome styles for both my post yesterday which was all about denim, and it shows the cool Ray-Ban aviators.  Not the lame Ray-Bans that everyone wears.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Denim, stop making me love you!

Spring Trend - Denim in jeans

Emma Roberts lunch with some friends at E. Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills, California.

Look of the Day: Stripes & Boyfriend Jeans

Look of the Day: Stripes & Boyfriend Jeans by mychanel featuring 10 crosby derek lam

Oh, I do love you so...

     Denim, stop making me love you!  It is quite apparent as you flip through a fashion magazine, or scroll through a fashion website that denim has made a comeback.  Yes, jean pants have always been in style but now even denim pencil skirts, overalls, denim dresses, button downs, hats and even shoes are showing up everywhere!  I want it all.  Perhaps, I am feeling nostalgic as I remember the dreaded photo of Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake at American Music Awards in 2001, when the pair both wore full coordinating denim outfits.  Scary, but in a way it was also fantastic.  Instead of fearing this trend, I feel I must embrace it, and regret it later when I look back and say, "Did I really wear that?"  If you are like me and plan to embrace everything denim here are some ideas!  Happy Denim Days Readers!
-I love this care-free style by Free People!
 -Rihanna is embracing the full denim look, but she pulls it off quite nice.
 -Miranda Kerrr is also embracing the full denim look...
 -Along with model Karlie Kloss, who is also wearing all denim.  Like Rihanna,  Karlie breaks the all denim look up with some leather.
-Or you could just mix other items and colors with denim and still look cute.

Blue, Black and Gold

     Good morning, and happy Sunday to all!  I am currently enjoying a cup of coffee and attempting to wake up after a very late sewing night and long day at work.  The fun never ends.  The other week I kept checking out looks from different runways from this past season and l found that I love all the designers who used bright blue eyeliner.  I think it is a fun trend, yet still very chic.  While most people would have gone for a nice soft powder blue, I of course wanted something ridiculously bright.  I found this electric blue eyeliner as it is named by NYX.  You have to love NYX it is well priced and they have fantastic make-up.  I know Nars also offers a bright blue eye shadow in this same color.  Of course you can always use an eye shadow as an eyeliner by wetting an eyeliner brush and just putting a little on your brush at a time.  Have to love it.  I also complimented my bright blue eyeliner by doing a bright gold underneath my eye.  Then wore bright gold bracelets and carried around my gold studded wallet.  With all the brightness I wore neutral colors to help make the crazier colors stand out.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Purple Lipstick, Rainy Day and Banana Pancakes!

     Two posts ago I posted pictures of items I wanted, but could not justify buying them.  The very next day after that post I felt I really did need a purple lipstick and thus bought an awesome one from nars.  I like the color I chose because it is very subtle but still is purple.  I think it is great for spring which has very quickly arrived where I live.  Seriously, it was 85 degrees yesterday, crazy hot for spring.  I also paired it with a cross skirt I made out of cotton knit fabric and spray painted the crosses on with fabric paint.  I like the way it turned out for the most part.  I really liked this outfit and got a bunch if compliments.  It was a great outfit to wear on such a rainy day.  I also got to eat banana pancakes which I literally was craving for 2 weeks.  They were amazing!!
-Slightly purple lipstick
Nars: Shrinagar
-I posted a similar picture to this a little while ago.  This is my favorite part of my drive home, I call it the tunnel of trees.  The trees usually tower over the top of the road creating a tunnel.  It is amazing year round, or at least I think it is.
 -My Outfit.

-A close-up of my skirt.
-This song is also part of the reason I was craving banana pancakes, so thank you Jack Johnson.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Girls Day!

     I mentioned in my last post that I had a fantastic shopping day with my Mom and sister and thought I would post all of the fun pictures from our day together.  We started our day by going to a small boutique called Swoon that is literally outside my sister and husbands apartment window.  She is so lucky to live so close to such a great boutique.  Later we ate at a  pub, went to Charming Charlie, then went back to my sisters apartment to sample pastries we got at a small bagel shop.  I have never been to a Charming Charlie store before.  I told my co-workers about it and they were all amazed I have never heard of it.  It is such a fun place that has so much awesome cheap, but still great jewelry.  I was shaking with delight as I shopped!
 -Here is the view of Swoon from my sisters window.

-These are only two of the several items I bought from Charming Charlie.

-PASTRIES :D and of course coffee.

-I had to share two of my favorite pictures from my sisters apartment.  Her decorating is absolutely amazing, so cheerful, welcoming and cozy.  I love this green table below and remember when I bought it with my sister one time when I went to visit; such a happy fun time.  She is always so entertaining and hilarious!
 -This wall is perfection and nobody can tell me otherwise.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Things I want but can't justify buying...

     I had a fantastic day today!  I spent the whole day shopping with my Mom and sister at crafts stores an amazing jewelry store and eating my first meal in 7 days after recovering from a very terrible sickness.  I have plenty of fun pictures to post, but today I wanted to post about something else first.  Did you ever get crazy ideas in your head about random things that you want, but just can't exactly justify buying?  Well, I for sure do.  Here are some of my must haves, but maybe not because why would I need them?  
A jumper 
(Not the english version of a jumper, but like the kind I wore to Catholic school; only more modern.)
 -Topshop $72
-Topshop $80
 -American Apparel $88

A boat dress 
-I do not know who made this, or why it exists, but what girl doesn't need a boat dress?

Purple Lipstick
-Well, it is not really to in style anymore, mainly because it was a big trend last year, but still why not?  This is a link to Keiko Lynn's blog.  She always has perfect make-up and this lipstick is awesome on her!
 Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2011

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Find Me on Instagram!

     I am aware I am a little late on catching up with the instagram fad, but now I am a little addicted.  You can find me on  at EmRaeCost.  There is a link on the side of my blog which is easier access.

 -Prabal Gurung shoes from Target $20!