Friday, January 7, 2011

1940's and 1950's Fashion

Tonight at work, I waited on three older women of whom treated me with the utmost respect.  They were so classy and respectful.  They were dressed fashionable, and slightly reminded me of Betty White, who I adore.  I then waited on a few girls who are in my age category, they giggled non-stop and had no respect for anyone who waited on them.  I have to say, I really do not appreciate the youth of today and am even embarrassed that so many act in such an inappropriate way.  I always try hard to be polite as possible, I know we all have our days, but with youth of today, they seem to act in a preposterous manner all of the time.  What I am getting at is the older women reminded me of what I imagine the 1940's and 1950's to be, many classy women, dressed in classy clothes acting classy.  I always watch older movies and observe how everyone seems to be so respectful of each other, my how times have changed.  Here is today's classy inspiration.  (I can't stop saying classy.)

These picture are from a 1940's fashion magazine.  I think they are very fashion forward and could even be pulled of today.

I love the fur on these coats.  Though, being in the 1940's they probably did not have animal rights activists, so the fur is probably real, but still beautiful.  I love the hat on the left, both my obsessions, bows and fur.

This picture made me laugh.  Due to the nations current involvement in war there was a fabric shortage, so women had to be crafty.  This liquid stocking is apparently similar to eyeliner and women would draw a line down the back of their legs to give the illusion that they were wearing stockings, pretty crafty!

Rosie the Riveter, a feminist icon of the 1940's.  She represents the many women that replaced men at the factory jobs as they were sent to war.

This picture below is of Ava Gardner, an actress of the 1940's.  I love how she was considered sexy, if you will, but she is still wearing clothes!  Amazing.  

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