Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

What an absolutely magical and beautiful wedding!  I managed to pull myself out of bed an hour later than I had planned, at 5 a.m.  Thank goodness I did not miss anything!  I have not ever watched a royal wedding before so it was such a treat.  I loved watching everyone arrive, the fashion, but most of all those hats that topped so many heads!  I am so happy for William and Catherine and wish them a long and happy marriage.  I love how poised and composed they seem with so many people watching, I know how nervous I would be.  On to the dress, before the wedding my Mom had asked me who I thought would have made the dress.  Considering how I have been obsessing over the topic of Kate's dress, I felt slightly confident and hopeful as I said Alexander McQueen, which would mean Sarah Burton.  I was so happy and shocked when I was actually right in my guess.  The dress is just stunning and perfectly fitted, not to mention the detail.  Kate was just beautiful.  I am happy that she did not do something over the top.  It is said that Kate had a lot to do with the creation of the dress, as it does not look like Sarah Burtons other work.  I beg to differ as the detail is definitely a direct hint that it was made by Sarah Burton.  Thanks to for some of the first pictures!

 This train is just beautiful.

 A white bridesmaid dress was different, but absolutely stunning.  

These pictures below are some of my fashion statements by Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.  I love both of their hats.  

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