Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mulberry Ad Campaign 2011

Perhaps, I am just tired as I have finally finished a painful amount of school work after this long, fairly rough week, but as I was perusing the ad campaigns on the side always catch my eye.  I was attempting read an article about Vivienne Westwood, but saw flowers and purses and had to click on it.  Mulberry for their 2011 ad campaign has made a short film that shows some of their spring bags.  The music is catchy the flowers grow, and the purses are great in that perfect Mulberry way.  You can watch the film in the link below.
Mulberry 2011
While I am basking in Mulberry fun, I thought that I would share that the Mulberry site has all of their fashion shows videos and pictures on their website. When you are watching a fashion show, the look that is walking down the runway shows up underneath the video which allows you to click on it and view all of the colors that are available, pricing and anything else that you would wish to know about the item.  Mulberry website is the most user friendly site I have ever visited, further more they have beautiful items!!  Here are some pictures from their ad campaign.

 Take note of the adorable pig in the bottom left of this picture, who also wondered around in the film.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Duct Tape Clutch.

From yesterdays post if you guessed a duct tape clutch, then you are correct.  I really do have an obsession with clutches.  I made this little clutch about two years ago (my senior year), when I wanted a clutch really bad and found that I had left over duct tape from band uniforms that I made.  From that a very brightly colored and woven duct tape clutch was born.  I have to say it is indestructible and water proof, you have to love duct tape!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today I woke up feeling like it was going to be a great day.  I should have known better, as it was a really bad day that has me so stressed out with my school work and school in general.  I started to feel defeated, until I came to my blog and saw I had so many views in the past day.  I wanted to take a post to thank all of you who read my blog!  I am always amazed to see that I have readers all across the world.  I can't even believe how far away some of you are, it is so amazing and one of the reasons why I started a blog.  As always if you ever have comments, please share as I love to hear feedback or start discussions, or even post a link to your own blog (we know how obsessed I am with reading blogs and would love to see some of my readers blogs!)  You all are the best, thanks again!!
The other day I had a short paragraph that expressed my excitement for new fabrics that have arrived at the local fabric store.  This past Friday, I made a detour and avoided my one class of the day to partake in a fabric shopping extravaganza.  By that I mean I skipped math to go shopping for fabric by myself.  I had quite the great time and got a great fabric for a shirt and a lot of this orange leather to make a clutch.  I am obsessed with clutches more recently and am making one out of cotton first just to make sure that I measured everything right, considering I am not using a pattern.  I am hoping and planning on posting these soon, I just have to deal with some school items first. (booo.)
This picture is courtesy of

Are you curious what this picture below is???... The answer is coming soon.....


Monday, March 28, 2011

Simple Summer Makeup

Yesterday I posted two pictures from the beauty section of, which featured very simple makeup.  I enjoy to remove the thick black eyeliner that I usually wear for something simple, especially in the summer.  I decided to try this look today just for fun.  I just put some foundation on, mascara, and last but not least my awesome pink lipstick that is quickly becoming a favorite.  This is a great idea for simple summer makeup.  I took the pictures on my mac, if you are wondering why they are not very clear.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Busy Day Monday

Lately my post have been shorter, which bums me out.  I always plan on posting but always seem to get busy with different things.  Tomorrow, or today for some of you I have quite the to do list, which includes shoe shopping, sewing and some homework.  I know it sounds like I am always shopping, but really, I never buy anything.  Today I threw out my last pair of flats because they had a hole in the side and were just getting bad because I have had them for a long time.  I have a pair of flip flops, Tom's and my black wedges.  I am need of shoes and clothes.  Urban Outfitters here I come.  They have the best shoe selection and deals on clothes on the right days, I am just going to see what I can find.  Later in the day I hope to have some pictures to post for sewing projects.  I am planning for a busy but fun day, plus I am off of work and only have online classes which is technically a day off for me!!  As always I do like to plan ahead for makeup.  Tomorrow I got inspiration from the beauty section.  I like the simple makeup recently, just mascara, pink blush and a pink lipstick.  Simple.


Friday, March 25, 2011

The Killers - Mr. Brightside

I have not posted music on my blog in quite a while, mainly due to youtube and how they have changed the rules so many videos can only be watched on the vevo station on youtube.  I am sorry if some of you have to go to youtube to watch this video.  Moving on.  The Killers is one of my many favorite bands.  My reasoning behind being such a loyal follower of their music, is because they write their music.  Their lyrics have meaning and it is not about getting drunk and fist pumping.  They actually talk about meaningful things in life.  I enjoy songs that gives the listener some room to interpret the lyrics for themselves, which helps to make the music more meaningful.  They play instruments too, which in the current day is not as common as it once was.  Music now a days is becoming crap, thank you to The Killers for having substance in their music.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fabric Shopping

Well I am going to be boring today because I do not have pictures.  I am so thrilled that I suddenly have several ideas for sewing projects. Today on my way home from college I decided to stop by a fabric store and saw that they had gotten so many fabrics in!  Sure it is all polyester blends and cotton blends, eww, but still it is fabric.  I have had a hard time shopping and finding things that I liked so why not just make my own clothes this season.  That means I am hoping and planning on having pictures and a possible diy.  Fortunately I have a few days off coming up, and that may mean sewing time if I can keep up with my school work.  I am excited for all the creativity that awaits!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Planning my summer closet

I have been thinking a lot lately about clothes, I guess I do that anyway as a fashion blogger, but more specifically my clothes.  This past Monday I did some spring cleaning and realized how little clothes that I really do have.  That is not a bad thing because I always try and wear them differently, even if I just change the necklace that I wear with a shirt or something.  I have a odd mix of clothes though, considering I can never decide on what style I like most.  My goal today which I technically did not reach, was to find clothes, of any type to last through the summer.  Then I began finding a few cute items, all of which were very thin and thus needed to be layered.  Suddenly I began to realize that it is March and already a warm 80 degrees fahrenheit, that means by May it will probably begin reaching the 90 degrees fahrenheit.  I would love to look stylish of course but sometimes it is hard to dress for the heat, without constantly wearing a bathing suit.  My new mission is to find or design cute clothes that can be worn through the rough, but fun summer that is quickly approaching!  I have several great sewing ideas for a cute clutch and some shirts that I am hoping to get a chance to make.  I will try my best to inspire those of you have a heat wave headed your way dress for the heat!
Inspiration: Moschino Cheap and Chic

 Emilio Pucci

 Miu Miu Resort 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hit or Miss

I am one of those people who enjoy checking up on what the stars are wearing on  Kate Winslet, a starlet who is always well dressed in my opinion, recently wore a Stella McCartney polka dot dress that I thought was beautiful on her.  I like how Kate can push her fashion limits and always make it work.  Though, I was quite surprised when I had said hit on the "hit or miss" section of the website and several had clicked miss.  What do you think of this dress, hit or miss?

  I found two different views of the dress, and really like the asymmetry of the dress, with the sheer side.  The dress is classy but still show skin which is just fabulous.  She is just so pretty and classy.

Monday, March 21, 2011

aMuse Hat Fashion Show

Two weeks ago I posted several pictures of the aMuse Hat Fashion Show, that I was more than thrilled to attend.  I was checking my usual blogs today and saw that janshatshatshats had an update.  Jan Wutkowski the owner of aMuse has now posted more pictures from the show that she hosted.  The pictures are much clearer than the ones that I had taken.  Looking at these pictures made me so excited again realizing how much fun that I had.  I was so honored to be surrounded by so many talented people, I can not wait for next years show!  The even bigger news, was I have a feature in her blog!  Check it out I am pictured talking to Diane Shagott the owner of Hats To Di For.
Milliner Diane Shagott (center) chats it up at lunch with local fashion blogger, donning one of Diane's beautiful hats.

Definitely check out more pictures and more beautiful hats on all of the designers sites:

Marchesa Fall 2011

There are not enough words to describe the pure genius and beauty that can be found in a Marchesa gown. Fall 2011 offers more of a bohemian feel than what we are used to seeing from Marchesa, and it is still done in the Marchesa beautiful way.  I found a few of my favorites.  The construction and details just blow my mind!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Richard Gray- Fashion Illustrator

'"Fashion Illustration', says Richard Gray,'is the opportunity to respond to a designer's creative vision with your own."' (pg. 76 Fashion Illustration Next, By:Laird Borrelli) (had to make sure I added the proper citation and credit to the artist and illustrator)  Richard Gray could not have said it any better.  Fashion Illustration is always inspiring to me as it allows you to see a point of view from the designer, then offers a different view from the artist.  This allows you to find several things in a garment that you can relate too, all the while making the piece of art (the garment) into actual art that you can display on your wall.  I personally admire Richard Gray's illustrations due to his pure talent to create a piece that is what I consider to be near perfection.  His lines are ridiculously straight and the colors are always even.  He has the power to allow the garment to show a darker side, considering how many of his drawings have quite the fierce glare.  He is so talented and this is very easy to see through his art.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Balmain Menswear fall/winter 2011

Balmain always seems to find its way onto my blog considering I am a big fan.  Not only do I enjoy the womenswear, but also the menswear lines.  Most menswear seems to be a bit unwearable, like the leather speedos that we have seen so many times or even the nice suits that are all about being tailored to perfection.  This makes me wonder, where is the fashion that is for the real man?  The man who enjoys dressing business casual for work.  Not to mention that everyman does not have to wear a suit that is tailored to perfection everyday for work or even that leather speedo.  Perhaps I am a bit naive to even know who would wear such a leather panty thing to work....or in public for that matter.  My point is those suit wearing men do partake in leisure time on the weekends, or those men who have jobs that do not require suits for work, one has to wonder what the fashion world has to offer them.  Thank you to Christophe Decarnin for Balmain, who designed clothing for the everyday man.  Though there are many layers to these outfits, the pieces are simple, understated and yet come together so chicly with the tailored jackets on top.  It is comfort at its finest, and can easily be dressed up for work and dressed down for leisure, it is the ultimate cohesive collection for men.  I am rather pleased to see high fashion in such a different way.  (Of course the shoes are awesome too!)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Guess Bag

 I decided a long time ago that I hated backpacks.  I never had a backpack through most of middle school or high school and still do not have one for college.  They are always heavy and that heaviness is a constant reminder of the school work load that you have to complete.  Backpacks always made me feel uncomfortable and helped to remind me of all the things that I did not like about school.  They made me feel juvenile, like when I had backpacks through elementary school.  How did I survive middle and high school without a backpack?  I simply began investing in large shoulder bags with comfortable straps.  Though I was rather picky about the bags because each had to be special and something that no one else would have.  I remember in middle school everyone would ask why I did not have a backpack as it seemed ludicrous not to own such a necessity for school.  I would simply say in a question, why not? Having a shoulder bag was a trademark of my humdrum style through those miserable school years.  My friends would always say in high school that I had the Mary Poppin's bag, considering anything they needed I just seemed to have in my oversized bag.  These memories of middle and high school have been circulating in my mind today when I switched to my old guess bag.  I bought this bag in 10th grade and though the lining has torn horribly on the inside, I still like it and the memories and books that it still holds.  Do you have a favorite bag that holds memories too?