Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Touch of Blue

This season, I am happy to say is full of color!  I have seen so many people indulging them selves in this trend; whether it is hot pink, yellow, or orange, you have to love it.  Yet, what about blue?  I am aware that royal blue is going to be quite in style for the fall, but this spring and summer it seems that blue is being overlooked.  I found several pictures where stars have paired their outfits with a blue/ turquoise accessory or their whole outfit is blue.  I may find myself adding some blue to my summer collection, for sure!  The pictures are from the ever fun
Blake Lively
-She said her inspiration was Ariel
 Mary-Kate Olsen
 Amy Smart
 Jennifer Hudson
 Jennifer Hudson
 Bonnie Wright
 Heidi Klum

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