Monday, January 21, 2013

Paul Smith Fall 2013 Menswear

     I am proud to announce I have officially joined the modern age of technology!  I bought myself an iphone.  Now I can continue to fulfill my New Year's resolution by taking more pictures and blogging. Onto the fashion topic of the day...Menswear!!!  While I do love women's fashion, I have always been interested in trying to learn more about mens fashion.  This season Dior Homme served up some well fitted and luxe looking suits, while Paul Smith took a wee bit more of a younger hipster look; while of course still making beautiful clothing.  I have to say I am in love with the slightly wacky color palette.  I think it is such a fun line, with so many versatile pieces.  Perhaps it is just me, but I do find a slight hint of late 70's to early 80's style peeking through some outfits especially through the burnt orange-brown color.  The houndstooth print is also quite gorgeous.
 -My favorite out-fit of the line (below)

 -I love the subtle triangles on the ties.  I have a friend who once said if you wear a triangle on anything, you suddenly have a hipster style.  I am starting to believe him.

 -Gorgeous jacket, I just love the shape to it.
 -This is such a fantastic print.
 -More triangles

 -Fantastic bomber jacket

-Paul Smith

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I wore...

     I love clothes, if that is not already obvious by having a fashion blog.  I really love to shop though too.  I am always very frugal with my money, but now with my job I have an excuse to splurge on clothes a little bit because I can dress up everyday.  Here is what I wore the other day!

-That wonderful volvo in the back is my beautiful little car that I love.  Yes, technically it is a car made for families, but whatever.  I can fit a ton of stuff in it if needed.
 -I love these tights they are dkny and I got them at work.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Inspiration and Blue Eyeliner!

     I was off today and had planned on sewing, instead I was attempting to fix a skirt I made which was just ugly.  People may have liked it, but it was just very unflattering.  In an attempt to fix it, I realized that all inspiration had been brutaly sucked out of me somehow.  I even had coffee today and coffee usually gives me the highest amount of energy and inspiration.  So what happens when I have no ideas all of a sudden?  I go to Barnes & Noble bookstore to read magazines, books and look at art.  I came home with so many ideas that I had to scribble them all down as quickly as I possibly could.  I love having fresh inspiration.  A new trend that I did discover in the several glossy magazines I looked through was blue eyeliner.  Starting tomorrow, I shall begin to abuse this trend. Can't wait!  I think it looks modern, yet the look still offers a throw back to the 60's, or 70's depending how it is styled.  Happy Inspiring Tuesday To Me!
Anna Sui Fall 2012
-Altuzarra Spring 2013 
-Moshino Cheap & Chic
-Michael Kors Spring 2013
-Stella McCartney Spring 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mulberry 2013 ad Campaign

  Today was a bit of a lazy Sunday, okay a really lazy Sunday.  I was off and I took the chance to relax while I could, maybe a bit to much.  I did go shopping today and was sad watching all the stores take down their Christmas displays and replacing them with spring items.  It is crazy how quickly Christmas comes and goes.  Then suddenly spring is here, I however am not complaining.  I love spring, minus the pollen and mugginess.  The clothing lines are absolutely adorable this season and one of my favorite sites to visit every year at this time is the Mulberry site.  They always have the cutest and coolest ad campaigns!  This season features a underwater theme, which is very cute.  This collection is very fresh and chic!  Check it out at their website      
                                         -Mulberry bags are so gorgeous, that is all I can say.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Clueless Fashion Inspiration!

     Did you ever wake up with an 80's or 90's song stuck in your head, then begin to reminisce on the good ol' days.  Okay, so I am a 90's baby but I still can enjoy 80's music and think about what the 80's were like right?  Anyway, I love the movie clueless (which is a 90's movie) and always thought to myself, when I get in high school I am going to wear all plaid mini skirts and knee or over the knee socks.  I actually never did that in high school, but now I am obsessed with over the knee socks.  I still do not own an all plaid mini skirt and blazer, maybe one day I will.  I love the style of high socks with little booties or heels.  I know I am behind on this trend as it was very popular last season.  I still think it is in style though especially where I live because the whole area is really behind on fashion sometimes. Here are some fun little pictures from the past.  You have to love Cher's and Dionne's (or Dee's) style.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I love these comfy looking clothes

I really like Kristin Stewart's style; she has such an easy going but pretty style.  
 -This is not Kristin Stewart below, but I just really like this outfit it looks so cozy comfy.  The shoes, of course are just as fabulous considering I have a pair in silver!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years, Death of a Hair Dryer and Leopard Print Pants...

     I am happy so far I have been doing good on my New Year's to-do list.  I had a great time spending my New Year's count down with my family and my brother-in-laws family.  I hope everyone had a great and safe night.  We spent our night at my sisters apartment which is decorated in such a cute antique like way.  She has so many cute little ideas.  I had to take a picture of her Christmas tree which is decorated with a bunch of home-made ornaments, including dried oranges with cinnamon on them.  They smell absolutely amazing.

     I also took a picture of my outfit that I wore to work.  Here is a short story of why my hair is a frizzy mess.  First of all it is inevitable, because it is raining.  I also don't have my diffuser (attachment that helps it to curl) for my hairdryer anymore because the hair dryer decided the other day to spit sparks out at my hair and out of the cord.  After a quick scream and a spray of perfume near my hair to get rid of the smell of an electrical fire in my hair, I threw that darn thing in the garbage.  Now I have to deal with a frizz ball of hair until I get a chance to go buy a hairdryer.  Best story you have read all day, right?

 -I love the rain and my leopard print pants, plus I never know how to pose for pictures.  That is the best explanation I have for the picture below.