Friday, April 22, 2011

My Very Own American Apparel Clutch

Oh how I adore that fabulous oversized American apparel clutch that is beginning to pop up under the arms of several bloggers.  I have previously blogged about this clutch here.  Due to its sudden rise in popularity, I feel the need to have one.  In my usual fashion, I decided to make one only with a twist of my own.  Yes, instead of just the bright orange leather that I decided to make it with, why not add my an applique.  A while ago I found an old flower pot that was my Grandma's sitting in my garage.  I loved the piece and quickly cleaned it up and am using it to hold my pencils and such.  I love antique things I find them so pretty and unique, not to mention that several have unknown stories that add to the charm of the item.  This particular flower pot has an adorable green owl on it, and as some may already know of my obsession with owl things,(necklaces, flower pots, broches, etc.)  I took a picture of the owl put it on the computer, then printed it onto some iron on transfer paper.  I then ironed the picture onto a piece of cotton.  I realized that I wanted the owl to still look like an antique, so I over ironed it to make the picture a bit fuzzy; then sewed it onto the bright orange leather.  I think it is a perfect match.  This bag is definitely perfect for this season considering how clutches and orange are in.

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