Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jimmy Choo and Chloe Moon Boots

I am a sucker for some killer shoes; what girl isn't?  Yes, call it a confession, but I have always had a spot in my heart for a killer pair of moon boots.  The name even sounds fun!  I was reading and surfing the internet when I came across some Jimmy Choo and Chloe moon boots!  Seriously, designer moon boots?  Heck yes.  Though they are a lot prettier than the typical nineties styled moon boots they are quite modern compared to some pairs I have seen.  Jimmy Choo's moon boots are about $995 and Chloe's boots go for $525.  Personally, I do not think that they are completely worth the hefty price tag, this comes from a bargain shopper though, so perhaps I may be mistaken.  I personally like some Napoleon Dynamite moon boots, they are more my style.  What do you think of the designer boots?

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