Monday, December 31, 2012

I am back! Bows, Doodles and Van Gogh mug...

-We are back! I am excited, Sophie....just wants to go smell something other than pose for a picture.  
     Well, I am actually back to blogging.  I am quite disappointed in myself for not blogging for about a month now.  I am actually getting used to my hours at my new job (which I still absolutely love).  Of course, as so many people make resolutions for the new year, I typically despise them.  I never make a list of resolutions because I always break them, it is inevitable.  My only resolutions usually is not to make a resolution, which in itself is breaking my rule of never making one in the first place.  Confused yet?  Anyway,  I am working on a list of to-do's for 2013.  This will be a list of things that I want to work on throughout the year or improve on, like blogging.  I really do love blogging and miss it so much.  I do need a new lay-out too, this one is kind of icky, okay very icky.  Here is my list, which I actually wrote down in my best handwriting.  It is to bad I write like a 9 year old boy, so I am just going to type it instead of posting a picture of it.  I would like to keep my dignity for a little longer.

Emily's To-Do List for 2013
-Blog as much as I can
-Be creative at least once a day
-Do one Kind act a day
-Design a clothing line
-Take a picture of something everyday

     Here is some of what I have been doing recently, other than laying around on my days off these are a few things I have managed to accomplish making or just random things I think I should share.
-My wool skirt that was in the process, but now is finished.  I need to take a picture next time I wear it to work.
-A pile of buttons.  I love going through buttons to pick the perfect ones.
-A hair clip bow I made.  I have such an obsession with bows.

-I felt like drawing a picture and well this is what I came up with.

-My Van Gogh coffee mug I got for Christmas; when you pour hot coffee in the mug, his ear disappears.
-This is most of my costume jewelry.  Got to love it!
-This was supposed to be a skirt but instead I ended up with a massive 15 inch bow, as usual.