Sunday, May 1, 2011

Black Lipstick

Perhaps the feeling of impending doom is inspiring my current thoughts as I prepare and study for my math exam tomorrow.  This afternoon, I found myself being attracted to all things goth, whether it be music or all of my black fabric that is in my large pile of fabrics.  I miss wearing black as much as I have in past seasons.  No, I was not a goth, I just love black.  One thing led to another thought in my brain, and dare I even think about beginning to wear the new trend of black lipstick.  I can answer that as a quick no.  I do however enjoy darker lipstick.  A dark brown, may be in my future this season.  What do you think of this trend?  For those of you who are reading this and thinking that this trend was so 2008 and in the words of Fergie,  I may be so "2000 and late," I must disagree as the trend seems to be popping up through editorials and more so through the fashion blogosphere.  Here are few pictures of the trend all over through the past years and now.  (Not pictured are the several bloggers participating in the trend.)
YSL goes Matrix inspired in 2008.

Rachel Roy Fall 2009

 Ashley Olsen wearing more of my color in January 2010.
 Coco Rocha rocks the dark trend on the runway and off in February 2010.

 Lady Gaga and Beyonce go with black lips through the release of the "Telephone" music video in March 2010.

 Jessica goes black in Vogue 2011.

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