Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Considering I have only been blogging for 3 1/2 weeks I can't do a year in review, so I figured I would just  post my outfit for today.  It is kind of business casual, but it is still fun.  I love my shoes, but am still considering taking them back considering the strong manufactured plastic/plether smell, although it has gone away a bit after I left them outside, but still.  I also got new flower stockings from target, they were only $5.  I love getting good deals!  I hope that everyone has a very Happy New Year and that 2011 is great year for everyone.  I am so excited to celebrate with my family, but I have to be at work tomorrow morning at 8 am.  I shall be rather lethargic, but at least I can spend the day with my friends at work.

This is my new necklace from Forever 21.  Love it!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Shoes!

As I stated yesterday, I just got a new pair of shoes from Urban Outfitters by Deena & Ozzy, despite the strong manufactured plastic/plether smell that are coming from them which worries me, they are so comfortable.  I also got a pair of jeans for $5, which is unheard of from Urban since their jeans are usually about $58.  I also got a blue and a purple v-neck that were 2- for $24.  I am so happy to have come upon such great deals.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MATES OF STATE - 17 Pink Sugar Elephants

I heard this song on Pandora radio the other day, and remember hearing it before.  I found myself constantly singing it today.  I think it is such a cute and sweet yet melancholy song.  I hope you like it, and it will probably be stuck in your head.  

Sale at Urban Outfitters

I woke up this morning and as usual I check the blogs that I follow.  Then I saw my favorite four letter word from the Urban Outfitters website, SALE!  I then got ready and went straight to the mall.  I found an amazing pair of jeans for five dollars, two t-shirts (2 for $24), and the most amazing pair of shoes that I have wanted for a while.  You will have to hold on to check out pictures!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Well for Christmas I received a Marie Claire magazine, with Emma Watson on the front.  As my eyes soaked up every page of high fashion, I came to page 90 to be exact, and there in front of me were two necklaces with none other than Sonia Rykiel and Karl Lagerfeld hanging from the chain of the necklace.  I instantly fell in lust for these semi sacrilegious necklaces.  They are in the form of a rosary which is a little blasphemer, but they are amazing.  I then went straight to and transferred every price from euros to the US dollar.  This made me a bit sad realizing I don't have a  chance, but still WOW!!  I am so excited, these are just such cool necklaces.
Sonia Rykiel

 Karl Lagerfeld
I also found YSL (Yves Saint Laurent)
 My personal favorite... Alber Elbaz of Lanvin
Along with finding these great necklaces, I also continued to browse the sites other inventory.  Considering how much I love funky off beat types of jewlery, for instance my giant octopus necklace that I love, I found these cool necklaces too!
The Robot
 This dinosaur is just awesome.
 A painter

I am thrilled to have found this website, for that I thank Marie Claire magazine!  If you want look for yourself here is the link.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Wonderland: part 2

Well the snow is beginning to melt already.  Though it was short lived, I still enjoyed getting snow on Christmas for the first time that my brain is developed enough tot remember.  I took more pictures today of what I wore, I tied my hair up with a green scarf, wore my fluffy boots, and my old black pea coat that loves to attract fuzz balls.  I also got a rose ring for Christmas for a $1.50 from Forever 21.  That is the last picture shown, and I took it on my mac.  I also did my make-up with Urban Decay.  I love Urban Decay products they are amazing products that stay on all day.  They are a little pricey but are so worth it!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Style Journals

Just a reminder, click on the small little Style Journals box on the right side of my blog about half way down my page to help boost my ratings.  This will help me get some more traffic to my blog.  This site also features several great blogs, so have fun!

More about my coat...

Christmas night, as I sat watching Elf late at night and my family went to bed, I sat excitedly waiting for snow flurries to begin to cover the ground outside.  It hardly ever snows in December in North Carolina, actually it hardly snows at all in North Carolina.  I finally went to bed only to wake up early this morning to get ready for work.  I looked out my window and was so happy to see a winter wonderland!  I am so excited, yet I find it funny how a little snow shuts down the whole town.  I went to work but we closed early because we hardly had any customers.  When I came home I decided to take more pictures of my coat since I can offcially wear it now that I got it for Christmas.  These pictures were taken by my Mom considering I didn't want to set my camera in the snow and attempt to take my own pictures.

I made myself a hole in the snow to avoid falling, but then it turned into ice so, I almost fell on my face.

I was enjoying my fabulous coffee, it is the perfect accessory for the cold weather.

I am semi serious in this photo, I still have that smirk like I am about to smile.

 My poor dog Sophie, was covered in snowballs, but was happy playing in the snow.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Killers - Don't Shoot Me Santa

I am a big fan of the Killers, so I thought that I would post their Christmas song for the holidays. It is a little funny, but it is so Killers. I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and that you may be surrounded by friends and family!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

5 minute hat

I love to sew!  Which also means I love to do diy projects.  My head was cold the other week and I wanted a hat, so I made one.  I decided to show you how to do it yourself.
1.  Find your favorite hat to use as a pattern, and an old shirt with a finished seam at the bottom. 
(I am so picky, I have to have finished seams on everything!!)

(This is just an attempt at a close up of my old t-shirt)

2.  Then cut out your pattern.  (It was even, just doesn't look it in this picture.)

3.  Then sew around the wrong sides of the fabric and press the seam flat; trim the excess fabric.  Then flip the hat and sew around the sides again to create a french seam.  You don't have to use a french seam, you could just sew around once and be done.  Then iron and wear.

I rolled the bottom of the hat up in this picture, you can't tell to much though.

Lastly enjoy your warm head!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Music of the Day

I realized that I have not posted music of the day in a while.  I decided that instead of just posting holiday music, which has been blasting out of my speakers for the past few weeks, I would post this band and a song that I have been listening to quite a lot.  That would be Mumford & Sons, The Cave.  I love all of their songs, but this one was stuck in my head today.  They have such a great rock/ folk feel to them, it is so refreshing to hear such a soft smooth voice with lyrics that are a little harsh at times.  Their music expresses a lot of feeling and emotion.  As I have also previously stated, I base many of the bands that I like on their live performances, Mumford & Sons are no exception to my rule, as they sound amazing live, and bring the same amount of feeling, artistry, and talent to the stage.  It is nice to hear such a new sound in the music world.  If I may be a wee bit crass and say they are folkin' awesome, wow I love lame puns!

80's purple rings

80's boutique is such a fun boutique to surf on my free time.  Here are some fabulous rings that I found on their website!  I have been so obsessed with rhinestone rings and jewelry recently, got to love a little sparkle near the holidays!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pantyhose & knee highs

If you were unaware, pantyhose and knee highs are the current trend that is blowing up the blogs and runways.  I am amazed at how many items are coming back into style that I always wore when I was a child.  I remember always wearing my knee high white socks or pantyhose with my catholic school jumper.  Although, I must say I rather prefer wearing them in a much more modern way and not with a plaid jumper.  There are so many different kinds, so I found pics of my favorite from American Apparel and Urban Outfitters.  From the black knee highs and above, everything is from American Apparel and everything below is from Urban Outfitters.  I love these tights below, they are so fun and cool.

These two tone are amazing, they look funky with two different color of legs but that is exactly why I love them.
 These another two tone pantyhose but they have a more classy feel.

I like the sexy feel to these, I think it is cool how playful all of these tights are.

These are the knee highs.  Love the color, they are so much better than my catholic school white ones.
 These are just simple black if you want to class it up a bit and not go so funky with the purple or many other bright colors.
 These are possibly my favorite.


Once again, I think these are sexy, but so cute with a skirt.  I swear everyone on owns a pair of these babies, I don't blame them.

These are more fun knee socks.

The buttons on these make them so great!

Okay so these are neither knee highs or pantyhose, but I see this picture all the time on Urban Outfitters and absolutely love them.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Couture Fall 2010

John Galliano, did couture for Christian Dior as he usually does it, in a beautiful extravagant way.  I cannot help but adore all of his work.  Today I thought I would expand on fall 2010, this time doing couture.  This line makes it very easy to see where he got his inspiration.  The fabulous Stephen Jones did the headgear, who is also a genius.  It hard to use words to describe this utter masterpiece.

John Galliano