Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ryan Gosling Has Got Style

I guess you already get the point of the post by the title, and frankly who can argue with that.  Ryan Gosling has a simple clean style that girls absolutely love; seriously google it, the blog post about him are hilarious.  He is clean cut, yet has a bit of bad boy to him (that the girls love even more).  He also has the best fitting suits ever.  I love when guys can find a suit that fits in the shoulders; it is sad to see so many men who buy suits that are to large in shoulders and sides leaving them with absolutely no shape.  Yes, men need shape too, believe it or not.  Even his relaxed look is great with his simple tanks and t-shirts that fit great and go with his style.  He knows what he likes to wear and does it very well!
-Gucci suit, that has a great pattern, color and fit.
-A simple Ferragamo outfit (head-to-toe) was a great choice for the tropical location of  the Cannes Film Festival.
 -Once again a great fitting suit by Ferragamo.
-I had to add this picture because it makes me laugh. I also like both of their outfits and Al's argyle socks.
 -Ryan and best friend George (dog) are simple and stylish.

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