Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gender-Neutral Fashion

The name of this post alone may have you scratching your head, wondering if you have read it correctly.  To this, I must simply assure you that you have indeed read it correctly, and that women's wear can be mens wear and mens wear can be women's wear.  Being Mrs. Functionality, I find myself wondering if this could actually work?  Thank you to this article, which brought this new trend to my attention.  Yes, if you clicked on the link, you found yourself looking at Mr. West in a women's wear Celine shirt.  I think that he can pull it off, but could others do the same?  Kanye West being quite the fashionista himself can pull off almost anything as it is his style to be daring and of course controversial.  Not to be a bit sexist, but it has always been a trend for women to wear mens wear, so I guess it only makes sense to turn the tables and let the men steal their girlfriends clothes instead of the other way around.  Could this be the future?  Feel free to let me know your opinion as I am curious to see what others are thinking!
Kanye West in Celine
 Liv Tyler in Riccardo Tisci 
 Andrew Mukamai in Proenza Schouler (I love this coat)

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