Sunday, April 3, 2011

Black and White

Yesterday I wore a white and black shirt that I recently bought from Urban Outfitters.  I found it on the sale racks and loved how the front is white, while the back is black.  The shirt is really flowy, thus making it comfortable and bit baggy in a chic way.  The color blocking of the shirt is currently in style which I think is such a cool trend to surface.  It was a beautiful day yesterday too, which made it even better to wear short sleeves and take pictures in the sun.  I had to move the picture taking session inside as I discoverd that I could not take clear pictures outside.  My dog happened to follow and wanted to join in.  Since she just happens to be black and white mixed with adorable I figured she could join in.

I also attempted to do a little poof in my hair, to add a classic feel, that I complimented with black eyeliner (as usual) and my favorite red lipstick.

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