Friday, April 1, 2011


I am one to enjoy those amazing statement pieces that really make an outfit special.  I never find myself buying a simple necklace, rather it has to be something special and that no one else will have.  While playing and surfing the fashion blogosphere and ending up at Nylon magazine's website, which then took me to  This site features several pieces of jewelry and oh boy, this jewelry is amazing.  Apparently it is a popular U.K. jewelry store, or so I read,  that has now made its merchandise available online.  I absolutely love the innovation of their work it is definitely fun pieces to add to any jewelry collection!  Check out the site and here are some pictures of what they offer.

 As a sewer (one who does sewing), I appreciate the necklace and bracelet below.

I have for a while now been obsessing over beetle necklaces, especially dung beetles.  I really like when they are carrying big piles of diamond studded dung.  It is something disgusting made into something beautiful.  This beetle is still cool as it does not have the gross factor.

I love this tiger it looks a little painful, but so cool!
I love owls!


  1. I LOVE galibardy jewellery - Lusting after it constatnly. I recently got the little lambs necklace and EVERYONE comments on it. Love visiting her at brick lane too and trying on everything at the stall :)

  2. They do have amazing pieces. You are so lucky that you can actually go to the store, and try the pieces on! I need to come to the U.K.