Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One by One

I always wanted to have amazing eyelashes that were thick and well like all of the photoshopped ads.  I would wear false eyelashes but I am not that patient as some to put them on each day, or that talented.  In order to achieve this false eyelash look, I always go to maybelline mascara for the daunting task.  I have tried the original mascara, which is the one with the green top and pink bottom, and it always satisfies.  Next colossal lash, which worked really good but had a little clumping.  Then I decided I would try falsies, which I was disappointed as it clumped more than anything. Now I just bought One by One mascara from Maybelline.  This mascara is awesome, considering it does not clump, rather it literally separates your eyelashes one by one!  I do not have a before and after picture and for that I am sorry but here is the picture of what it looks like.  If you are looking for a good mascara, definitely try One by One.  If you have tried it, definitely let me know what you think!

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