Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mulberry Ad Campaign 2011

Perhaps, I am just tired as I have finally finished a painful amount of school work after this long, fairly rough week, but as I was perusing the ad campaigns on the side always catch my eye.  I was attempting read an article about Vivienne Westwood, but saw flowers and purses and had to click on it.  Mulberry for their 2011 ad campaign has made a short film that shows some of their spring bags.  The music is catchy the flowers grow, and the purses are great in that perfect Mulberry way.  You can watch the film in the link below.
Mulberry 2011
While I am basking in Mulberry fun, I thought that I would share that the Mulberry site has all of their fashion shows videos and pictures on their website. When you are watching a fashion show, the look that is walking down the runway shows up underneath the video which allows you to click on it and view all of the colors that are available, pricing and anything else that you would wish to know about the item.  Mulberry website is the most user friendly site I have ever visited, further more they have beautiful items!!  Here are some pictures from their ad campaign.

 Take note of the adorable pig in the bottom left of this picture, who also wondered around in the film.