Friday, March 11, 2011

Short video

I have always been interested in movies and short films.  I used to always go to youtube and watch the amazon kindle commercials because the music was good and I love that particular type of filming.  This allowed me to wonder how they made this commercial and decided to try it myself.  Last night, I was off from work and did not have homework, which left me free time.  Not knowing exactly to do with this thing called free time, I wondered around my home and then began to take pictures of my little wood figure that is used for drawing.  Ninety one pictures later I had a 17 second short film.  I am planning on possibly using this technique to take pictures and create a story about my maxi skirt.  This short film has no point and shows my wooden figurine, doing a flip then discovering a big shoe box, and ends in trying on the massive shoe.  I thought it was a fun thing to share and make.  The song is by Akron/Family, "So It Goes."

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