Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Patricia Field

A few weeks ago I was watching a show about small yet great places to go when in New York, one of those places to visit was Patricia Fields boutique.  From seeing around her store on the show, I had to go online to see if it was true; that this store had absolutely everything that I could ever dream of, and it did.  I always dream that when I grow older and more experienced in the fashion world that I may own my own boutique someday.  I now know that I would use Patricia Field as my inspiration.  I would be worried if I ever made it to Patricia Fields as I would be quite the excited paying customer.  Check out her site for yourself,  Here are some of my favorites!
Jeremy Scott designed these babies, and that is also why I like them so much.

Love or obsession can not cover exactly how I feel about these shoes.  Who has $3000 dollars they want to lend me? (I am just kidding)  They are the best shoes ever though.
These booties are $3700 and probably worth it. (They do look dangerous though)

In the near future I am planning on posting a few outfits that I made including my maxi skirt and a few dresses to share with all of you.  As always thank you all so much for reading.

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