Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Break

Have you ever woke up one morning and realized how happy you are to be alive?  Today is my day of that realization.  I was unable to post last night due to a rather large load of homework that was all due by midnight.  Working late at night at my job and only two days to do a ton of problems in several classes was not very helpful to the stress that followed.  A little before 11:36 pm, I had finished everything and with a yawn of exhaustion went to bed.  This relief of not having to do a lot of homework today helped me to wake up in such a great mood.  I was even more pleased when I officially purchased tickets for a hat fashion show this Saturday.  Perhaps many of you already know how much I enjoy couture hats, as I have posted about Phillip Treacy and mentioned Stephen Jones and my love for their designs.  Though these one of a kind hats are designed by a local women from Wilmington and from the pictures that I have seen on her website and blog, they are nothing short of stunning.  I will have more information on the show and such in a later post. After getting off of the phone and jumping up and down with excitement in a nearly pathetic rage of excitement, I paused and thought what many girls or boys think before attending a fashion show...What am I going to wear?  I shall figure this out in the mean time, as I only have 3 days to decide (which is more than possible to accomplish.)  For now I am enjoying my first day of spring break with a hot latte, sitting outside with my dog Sophie, and soaking up this ridiculously beautiful March 2nd day.  I am planning on having more post for the spring break, not to fear of anymore late night homework for the next week.  I hope that everyone is enjoying their day as well!

I took these pictures on my computer which should explain the crooked first picture.  I love my little Sophie dog, she has such a silly personality.  When I was driving to get some coffee today, I brought her along since she loves car rides.  At every stop light she would stand up at the door and stare at the people in the next car over until they looked at her and waved, then she would lay back down and do it at the next stop light.  It was as if she was playing peek-a-boo or perhaps it was just me anthropomorphizing her.

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