Saturday, March 19, 2011

Balmain Menswear fall/winter 2011

Balmain always seems to find its way onto my blog considering I am a big fan.  Not only do I enjoy the womenswear, but also the menswear lines.  Most menswear seems to be a bit unwearable, like the leather speedos that we have seen so many times or even the nice suits that are all about being tailored to perfection.  This makes me wonder, where is the fashion that is for the real man?  The man who enjoys dressing business casual for work.  Not to mention that everyman does not have to wear a suit that is tailored to perfection everyday for work or even that leather speedo.  Perhaps I am a bit naive to even know who would wear such a leather panty thing to work....or in public for that matter.  My point is those suit wearing men do partake in leisure time on the weekends, or those men who have jobs that do not require suits for work, one has to wonder what the fashion world has to offer them.  Thank you to Christophe Decarnin for Balmain, who designed clothing for the everyday man.  Though there are many layers to these outfits, the pieces are simple, understated and yet come together so chicly with the tailored jackets on top.  It is comfort at its finest, and can easily be dressed up for work and dressed down for leisure, it is the ultimate cohesive collection for men.  I am rather pleased to see high fashion in such a different way.  (Of course the shoes are awesome too!)

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