Friday, March 18, 2011

Guess Bag

 I decided a long time ago that I hated backpacks.  I never had a backpack through most of middle school or high school and still do not have one for college.  They are always heavy and that heaviness is a constant reminder of the school work load that you have to complete.  Backpacks always made me feel uncomfortable and helped to remind me of all the things that I did not like about school.  They made me feel juvenile, like when I had backpacks through elementary school.  How did I survive middle and high school without a backpack?  I simply began investing in large shoulder bags with comfortable straps.  Though I was rather picky about the bags because each had to be special and something that no one else would have.  I remember in middle school everyone would ask why I did not have a backpack as it seemed ludicrous not to own such a necessity for school.  I would simply say in a question, why not? Having a shoulder bag was a trademark of my humdrum style through those miserable school years.  My friends would always say in high school that I had the Mary Poppin's bag, considering anything they needed I just seemed to have in my oversized bag.  These memories of middle and high school have been circulating in my mind today when I switched to my old guess bag.  I bought this bag in 10th grade and though the lining has torn horribly on the inside, I still like it and the memories and books that it still holds.  Do you have a favorite bag that holds memories too?

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