Friday, March 25, 2011

The Killers - Mr. Brightside

I have not posted music on my blog in quite a while, mainly due to youtube and how they have changed the rules so many videos can only be watched on the vevo station on youtube.  I am sorry if some of you have to go to youtube to watch this video.  Moving on.  The Killers is one of my many favorite bands.  My reasoning behind being such a loyal follower of their music, is because they write their music.  Their lyrics have meaning and it is not about getting drunk and fist pumping.  They actually talk about meaningful things in life.  I enjoy songs that gives the listener some room to interpret the lyrics for themselves, which helps to make the music more meaningful.  They play instruments too, which in the current day is not as common as it once was.  Music now a days is becoming crap, thank you to The Killers for having substance in their music.

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