Saturday, March 5, 2011

Haute Hat Show

     Today was a dream come true.  To most people in the fashion industry, or even those who follow fashion, it may seem just like another fashion show.  In my eyes, as I watched the models work their hats around the restaurant 128 South, in a sophisticated manner, I could not have been more excited and overwhelmed.  The only fashion show I have ever been to before was one in my high school where I was a model for one of five of my own designs.  That show was special for me as it was my first, but to go to a fashion show, specifically one for the most beautiful hats that I have ever seen, was my dream come true.  It amazing to be surrounded by so many people who are very talented, creative and all around just great people.  When we arrived at the restaurant where the event was being held, I helped my Mom's best friend Miss Rox also known to me and my sister as Aunt Rox, set up her flower center pieces for each table.  She was one of many sponsors for the show and just makes beautiful arrangements that helped to illuminate and set the scene for the show that was entitled, "Spring time in Paris."  Then we got to mingle a bit, which was fabulous to have "Aunt Rox" there to help introduce me to the designers and Jess James who is known for her many stylist jobs, events and fashion shows all around.
     Did you ever meet someone and think of everything that you want to say to them, like how much you like their work, and then ask fifty questions about how they got there and pretty much their whole life story?  That was me, but instead I shook hands and sort of just stared at each in awe.  All of the hat designers were amazing people, who shared the most interesting stories and are the nicest people that you could ever wish to meet.  I began to speak with one designer in particular, who actually was assigned at my table right next to me.  Her name was Dianne, from Hats to Di For!  She was so amazing to talk to considering how down to earth she was.  Before the show started she offered to let me wear one of her hats during the show since everyone was wearing a hat.  I was so excited she picked up the one hat that I fell in love with right when I entered and believe me I cherished that time of wearing that hat during the show.  I am now even more obsessed with hats now and am even inspired to possibly make my own.  We all sat and enjoyed a lunch right before the show started.  French music began to play and the models began to strut with their sense of debonair in their "haute" hats.  After the show the hats began to sell so quickly, which made me so happy for the designers.  All that I can say is guess what I am now saving up for?
      I also wanted to say thank you to all of the designers who were there to show their work and passion with others.  Thank you for all of the inspiration and for living your dreams.  Thank you to Dianne for letting me wear one of her fabulous hats and for telling me about the best fabric stores.  Thank you to Jan Wutkowski for hosting the event and for sharing her many beautiful designs with everyone.  I am so happy to have attended this event.  Here are some pictures of the hats, though they are a bit blurry because I forgot to charge my camera, (not very smart on my part.)


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