Sunday, March 20, 2011

Richard Gray- Fashion Illustrator

'"Fashion Illustration', says Richard Gray,'is the opportunity to respond to a designer's creative vision with your own."' (pg. 76 Fashion Illustration Next, By:Laird Borrelli) (had to make sure I added the proper citation and credit to the artist and illustrator)  Richard Gray could not have said it any better.  Fashion Illustration is always inspiring to me as it allows you to see a point of view from the designer, then offers a different view from the artist.  This allows you to find several things in a garment that you can relate too, all the while making the piece of art (the garment) into actual art that you can display on your wall.  I personally admire Richard Gray's illustrations due to his pure talent to create a piece that is what I consider to be near perfection.  His lines are ridiculously straight and the colors are always even.  He has the power to allow the garment to show a darker side, considering how many of his drawings have quite the fierce glare.  He is so talented and this is very easy to see through his art.

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