Sunday, March 27, 2011

Busy Day Monday

Lately my post have been shorter, which bums me out.  I always plan on posting but always seem to get busy with different things.  Tomorrow, or today for some of you I have quite the to do list, which includes shoe shopping, sewing and some homework.  I know it sounds like I am always shopping, but really, I never buy anything.  Today I threw out my last pair of flats because they had a hole in the side and were just getting bad because I have had them for a long time.  I have a pair of flip flops, Tom's and my black wedges.  I am need of shoes and clothes.  Urban Outfitters here I come.  They have the best shoe selection and deals on clothes on the right days, I am just going to see what I can find.  Later in the day I hope to have some pictures to post for sewing projects.  I am planning for a busy but fun day, plus I am off of work and only have online classes which is technically a day off for me!!  As always I do like to plan ahead for makeup.  Tomorrow I got inspiration from the beauty section.  I like the simple makeup recently, just mascara, pink blush and a pink lipstick.  Simple.


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