Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thick Heels

I can never walk in the very skinny high heels.  I try my best, but am finding that I need to start small, or should I say thick.  The recent seasons designers have shown a plethora of high heels with thick heels.  I have been in desperate need of what I refer to as training heels, to get better at walking in the higher  heels.  The thin stilettos always seemed to fit perfectly into every crack that I passed on the road causing a great amount of tripping then pain was quick to follow.  I have found a new love for the thick heels.  I just never expected the thick heel to get this thick.  Dries Van Noten for spring introduced fabulously colorful thick heeled shoes that are so modern, fresh and just down right fun.  If you are in need of some training heels that are in style and gorgeous, Dries Van Noten is just the cure.  Did I mention these heels will not be fitting into any cracks that anyone comes across!

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