Friday, January 21, 2011

Doc Martens

I have had quite the obsession with these shoes.  I do not own a pair...yet.... I would love to buy a pair in the future, if I can find a good deal.  I think they look awesome with anything you wear.  They are what I like to refer to as the year round shoe.  When it is cold they are great with jeans, then in summer they look pretty kick ass with some shorts.  I always seem to enjoy finding the back story of the object, so here is some short history about how Doc Martens were created.  They were created by Klaus Martens, who was a doctor in the German army during World War II.  While serving he injured his ankle while skiing and found that the army boots were uncomfortable.  In a state of pain he created a soft leather and air-padded sole.  The shoes did not sell good at first, but in the short story he met up with a doctor friend, created a business and made quite the hit among the counter culture of the U.K.

I think I might like black the best, but the other colors are also just as cool.  Decisions...

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