Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shopping on a Budget - My Great Deals

I am a bargain shopper which is not a confession considering that I am proud to be what many consider a cheap skate.  I believe I am a smart shopper, or maybe just anal in my shopping ways.  I have several tips to on how to have a successful shopping experience while not breaking the bank.  Welcome to my mini crash course of bargain shopping.  (I wrote a college paper on the subject receiving a 98, whoop, whoop!)  Anyway...
1.Never buy on impulse.  
-Make sure you know what you need before going shopping; for instance, I always take inventory and write a list of what I need.  You can also make a list of trends that are in style and apply it to what you need.
2.Create a budget.
-Make sure you know how much you can spend to avoid over spending!  It is a bad idea to show up at a mall or shopping center without knowing your limits.  It is better to enjoy a new pair of shoes than the worry of a shoebox full of debt.
3.Do research.
-I believe it is a smart idea to research stores that you like and see which stores are having a sale or if any of them have online coupons.
4.Go shopping.
-This may seem like a torturous list of stuff to do, but I promise it is great to have a plan especially if you are on a budget.  When I go shopping I always check the back left or right of stores, as this always is where I find great deals.  For an example my five dollar jeans I found were at the back left of Urban Outfitters. 
5.Be patient.
-If at first you find what you need, but it is a little expensive, do not be afraid to keep looking at other stores.  I am amazed at how many things I find at one store, then go to another and find it much cheaper and even a better style or higher quality.  I think it is a good idea to check out all options first.  Although, everyone who shops with me makes fun of me for never buying anything right away, I can always rub it in by saying, “look who spent a lot less and got great quality items.”
6.Quantity vs. Quality
-It is a common misconception that the cheaper something is, the cheaper the quality.  Which is absolutely not true.  It is very possible to find items of good quality for a lower price.  Another item I check while shopping is the type of fabric an outfit is made of and if the seams are finished.  Some stores will price things cheaper because it was very cheap to make and has a crappy quality so it is always good to check that the seams are finished and that the garment is a good thickness and not see through.
7.Cheaper does not mean out of style
-Many stores sometimes overload on many trendy items and realize they are unable to sell the inventory and end up putting it on sale.  You can find many trendy items or even items that never go out of style on sale racks.
If you are feeling a bit discouraged after reading this load of tips on bargain shopping, I figured that I would share several items that I got great deals on.

Accessories- $15 and under
-Octopus (Lightyears) $10.80
-Cross (Forever 21) $4.50
-Owl (Forever 21) $4.50
-Love (Forever 21) $1.50

-Both watches Nordstrom, each for $11.80

Sunglasses or "Sunnies"
-Aviators (Target) $10.00
-Black cat eye (souvenir shop) $5.00
-White cat eye (souvenir shop) $5.00
-Tortes shell large framed glasses (Nordstrom) $10.00
-Pink centered tortes shell aviator shaped (Nordstrom) $10.00

-Gwen Stefani Harajuku perfume (Walmart) $15.00
-This stuff smells so good
From left sent, G, Baby, Lil' Angel
-Rose (Forever 21) $1.50
By the register there is always the $1.50 sale!

-Jeans (Urban Outfitters) $5.00

 Tops and skirt
-Shirt (Goodwill thrift shop) $3.50
-Gray skirt (Forever 21) $6.80
 -I love how the sun shines in this pic as if it is saying
 -Velvet Dress (Goodwill thrift store) $4.20
Layering coats
-Activewear hoodie (target) $4.80
-Military styled cotton coat (Forever 21) $12.99
 -Slouchy Cardigan (Target) $3.90
-Van Halen t-shirt (Target) $5.00
 -purplish and blue v-neck (Urban Outfitters) 2 for $24 ($12 each)

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