Thursday, January 13, 2011

Philip Treacy

Yes the legendary hat designer, who's career began with the help of the amazing style icon Isabella Blow (who is a completely different post that I will have to make in the future.)  Though I live in the U.S., where hats do not seem to be worn as much by people in Europe, I still can not help but absolutely love every hat that this man has created.  His biography on his website is absolutely amazing, and I found that he also got to work with Stephen Jones (who also is a post for another day as he also designs the most magnificent hats).  Philip Treacy hats have most recently been seen sitting upon Lady Gaga's head in the most spectacular fashion.  His hats are such a statement and I sometimes forget to look at the persons outfit as I am so consumed and mesmerized by his intricate pieces of art.  I have the utmost respect, admiration and appreciation for anyone who has the ability and imagination to create such pieces of work in a unique and chic fashion.  Before I continue to blabber on in a state of complete enrapture, I will just post some pictures.


These are only a few of the hats that Philip Treacy has made.  If you want to see more check out his website which includes several of his designs and his biography.  His website is...  
On a side note check out tomorrows post, because I will be sharing my many great bargain finds of this past month.  It is a post worth checking out!

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