Monday, January 24, 2011

Make-up: eyeshadow

I did a hair post yesterday, so it is only fair that I do a post on make-up.  I love to make a statement, but making a statement does not always need to be done with an outfit or jewelry.  I find that it is fun to sometimes make a statement with make-up.  Today I was feeling like doing a blue type eyeshadow and sharing how I did it.  These pictures made me laugh as I never realized how crooked my eyebrows are, they are so troublesome and impossible to fix.  I also never realized in some pictures how much my different colored eyes show, good stuff.  Let's begin...
This is the eyeshadow palette that I have from Urban Decay.  I love these colors and for today I used the VZI, Flipside, Kiddie Pool, and oil slick. Not pictured I used sunset and deep sea both the Ulta brand.

1.  I start with this Urban Decay eyeshadow primer  that is absolutely amazing as it keeps your eye-shadow from creasing and it stays on the whole day.
2. After the primer I start with a light colored eye-shadow (Sunset) to lighten my eyes and have a good base.
    3. Along with using the light eyeshadow, I then use a white shadow (VZI) right below the brow to add some more shine and make my eyes pop once all the other colors are on my lids.

 4. Next add the blue.  I started with Kiddie Pool.

 5. After the Kiddie Pool blue, I used Flipside for the far corners of my lids, to create a smokey blue eye. i also added blue under my eye for more of an affect.
6. I used sunset again to blend the colors, then added Oil Slick for my eyeliner, using a very thin eyeliner brush.  Along with the blue under my eyes I also added some more of the Oil Slick for more definition.
7. Last add mascara, I use Colossal lash mascara from Maybelline.

8. The finished product, that doesn't look to blue in this picture but I assure you it is pretty blue, but not 1980's blue.

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