Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spring 2011 Michael Kors

Once again as the spring season approaches, I have fallen in love with the fashion shows.  I thought today that I would post my favorite fashion show video, but looking through all of the styles and trends, I found that it is impossible.  I like all of them, which is ridiculous but it is true.  I feel as if the fashion world just keeps getting better every season!  I finally settled on the Michael Kors fashion show.  I love how he has such a strong and definitive vision.  His models always seem so confident as they portray strong, powerful, luxe women.  This particular line is just so simple and looks incredibly comfortable.  I love so many looks, especially the sparkly maxi dress with the gray top and brown belt, hello comfort!  I also love how all the models look sunburnt, it is so cute.  The fabrics move so great including the pink dresses.  Okay so I am really indecisive, it is all great and I have a lot to say about each outfit but I will spare you from the over analysis of each.  This is just a short video and is a good summary of the fashion line.  Enjoy!

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