Saturday, January 8, 2011

American Apparel

I actually got a new bag from my sister for Christmas which I love, but like shoes and make-up you can never have enough.  After I finally unveil my sewing project that I keep talking about, I would like to make a bag, possibly a clutch.  I am still deciding.  I found cute ideas on American Apparel, a site for all apparel that is American.  Actually, they have really great items and they are made in America.  Anyway, for these three bags, I wish I could make a combination of the three.  That will not happen though. I like the three individually but not all together.
I like the pattern and design on this one.

 I love how big this clutch is, and it is cute.

This is just huge and shiny, yet I find something oddly appealing about it.
We shall see what happens!

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