Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Andrew Yang- The Kouklitas

Elle, Marie Claire and Harpers Bazaar are only a few magazines that have featured a New York based artist and illustrator Andrew Yang.  I first discovered his latest creations on several blogs and was absolutely in awww.  Andrew Yang has created 27" dolls inspired by ready to wear looks from fall 2010, he even did a few in couture.  Though you may think you are to old for dolls, think again.  These adorable and extremely intricate, immaculately sewn to perfection, and over all very high fashioned stylish dolls are a perfect accessory to your couch as Andrew Yang has stated.  He created the dolls out of muslin and used every ounce of his sewing ability to recreate the looks from the runway.  He wanted to create a doll that would be similar to a rag doll and not as delicate as most dolls.  I am almost happy that I do not live near a Barney's where these dolls are being sold, as I would feel very inclined to buy several. Seriously how could you not love these!




 Proenza Schouler
This doll was featured under the couture section, the look is by Lanvin.
 This is the original look by Lanvin.
Here is the artist himself...

Here is the link to his website, which is very fun to look at...http://www.Kouklitas.com/salesroom.html

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