Sunday, January 9, 2011

Designer Style

I am aware that I hardly ever post mens fashion.  I decided to show some of my favorite mens styles.  However, they are not worn by models, rather by a few designers themselves.  Many fashion designers have such a great personal style that I could post so many pictures on the subject.  Here are just a few.

 This is non other than Karl Lagerfeld, designer for Chanel.  I love how in every picture that I have seen of him, he seems own the room.  He has such a strong sense of confidence.  He has a killer style with his back suit and gloves.

 This is the adorable and lovable designer for Lanvin, Alber Elbaz.  He has a great style with his signature suits.  It is relaxed yet stylish.  He always looks so happy and humble, ya gotta love it.

This is the amazing designer Marc Jacobs, designer for Marc Jacobs (his own line) and now designer for Louis Vuitton.  He recently changed from an earthy feel to a much more sophisticated look with a suave new hairdo.

And now one of my absolute favorite male designer who takes his work seriously enough to become his work as he has stated before. By this he means that he takes the theme and ideas of his collections and puts them into his own personal style, that he usually reveals as he gives a thankful wave at the end of each of his fashion shows, John Galliano.

Like I said, these are only a few of the many styles that these men wear.  I could seriously keep posting pictures.


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