Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am lazy, yes that is a confession.  I try to be healthy and walk, but between work and school it is hard to find the time.  This semester at school I am taking a volleyball class which makes me nervous considering I haven't played volleyball since 9th grade in gym class.  It also doesn't help that I am rather short at about 5'1 ish.  Anyway, we will be playing outside and we have to wear activewear.  I only own one pair of sweatpants to wear around the house and to sleep in but never in public because they are torn.  I also am an extreme hater of those who wear sweatpants on a daily basis, I don't understand the whole "I look like I just rolled out of bed" look.  It is even worse if you wear them and aren't working out everyday.  They are appropriate at certain times and places, but not everyday as a fashion statement.  Okay moving on...  I found some great outerwear non other than forever 21, the best place for all of your fashion on a budget needs.
These are so great to work out in great fit and flexibility without the bagginess of the sweatpants.

I like these too, they look comfortable.

I like the look and fit of this jacket.

Just a basic tee, with a great fit.

Cute tank, once again good fit.

Can't go wrong with a hoodie, ever.

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