Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Palette Cleanser

Well, I have a bit of an odd post today, but it is a fashion rule that I believe everyone should follow.  Yes, I understand that many fashionistas do not believe in such ludicrous rules that take away from personal style and defame ones own facade.  However, this rules allows one to be themselves just in a different way.  I call it... the Palette Cleanser.  Yes, I am aware that a Palette Cleanser usually occurs in between a large four course meal and such.  I however, apply this to fashion.  For example...
I never realized that I tend to dress up a bit when I attend school.  I always thought it was just casual, until one day I wore a t-shirt, jeans, may hair in a pony tail.  I arrived in class and a friend that sits next to me said, “Thank God, you look like a normal person today.”  Hence the new once or twice a month, Palette Cleanser.  This is a day in which you wear something that still expresses your personal style but in a different way.  It has to be slightly opposite of what you normally do though, because when people see you dressed up everyday, you need to give ones eyes a break, and show another side, so they can once again enjoy you being your usual fashionista.  I figured since today is raining and I just have a few errands to run, plus I go to work in a bit, that I would wear a comfy outfit as my palette cleanser.  

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