Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1940's Swimwear

I stepped upon my front stoop this morning, locked my door, then proceded to my car when I realized... it was very cold out.  If I must be exact, 36 degrees farenheit.  Many may think that is warm, but as I have said before I live in North Carolina, where that is a bit chilly.  I realized how much today that I am ready for summer!  I have been exploring options for this year bathing suit and my mind once again began to think of the 1940's pin-up sort of vibe.  I found a ton of great pictures for inspiration and found that sells several vintage styled swimsuits.  They do however go for around $90.  So for you bargain shoppers like me I will continue to search and see what I am able to come up with.

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  1. Emily, we absolutely LOVE your blog! We are a mother/daughter blogging duo and we were so happy to have found you this morning. Having a major 1940's fashion fetish, we practically squealed with delight when we saw your swimwear!! Our blog is and we just posted about our last swim day. I'm wearing a 1940's suit!! Love reading about your venture to college and your love of fashion design. We are going to link your website to our list of blogs we follow. Please stop by our blog and visit us, if you get a chance. We would love to hear from you there!!!! Hopefully we can get to know you more and become bloggy friends ^_^ Happy hugs to you!

    ~Sampson (daughter) and Lorrie (mother)
    Puddles & Price