Thursday, January 20, 2011


Personally I am not a fan of the uber girly fashions, i.e. frills, ruffles, flowy, fringes, all leopard print outfits.  Then there is Blumarine, with fashion designer Anna Molinari who is amazing.  The woman can take leopard print flowy, bright colored outfits and make any girl want to wear them forever.  I love how in her spring collection and actually every collection, it is always beautifully sewn, moves beautifully and no one else can do what Anna Molinari does.  Seriously beautiful stuff, fringes and all.  The shoes in this line and styling are also just perfect, cute and of course girly.  I enjoyed watching the color palette of the collection as it changed from blues, to turquoise to pink to tan to black and white.  Okay so the whole line is just freaking perfection!  Did I mention that it looks comfortable too.  

Anna Molinari
I tried to sum up the line the best I could, it is just great.  If you would care to see more as always check out under fashion shows, then click Blumarine! 

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