Friday, February 4, 2011

Thrift Shopping Continued...

I finally decided to stop by the thrift shop on my way home from school today expecting to purchase the midi skirt, which I still am not completely sold on.  I walked in and spotted a row of 5 boots, that resembled the doc martens that I have admired for a long time.  I ran over to them and quickly lifted each one up to see the sizes.  I wanted to jump up and down with joy when I found my size and put them on my feet as quickly as I could.  The fit was amazing and they were about to be mine!  I was even more overwhelmed with joy when the women who was working there told me they were only $7, uhhh heck yes!  I have been wearing them ever since I left the store about 4 hours ago.  I also told the women how excited I was about fifty times, I think I may frightened her a bit, but WOW they are so awesome!  Anyway, this new thrift store is now a favorite shop of mine.  I also managed to find a leather jacket but decided not to get it because I did not have enough cash with me, so it is on the wish list for now.  What a lovely day!
 The buckles on the back are such a nice touch.
This weekend, as of tomorrow at noon I am leaving to go to my sisters for the weekend and am so excited.  I can not promise to have a post on Sunday due to a busy day and of course the superbowl.  I should have pictures to share of a fashionable weekend with the sister.

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