Sunday, February 13, 2011

Maryland Trip

Well, I have just come back from Maryland about two hours ago and finally get to blog.  I took my computer along in hopes to keep up to date posts of my adventures and updates of what is going on in fashion week.  Instead I sat at my hotel with the worst kind of free wi-fi that did not even work.  I have many pictures to share and will begin working on a quick video of the weekend.  
This is a picture at one of our first stops after arriving.  It is Cape Saint Claire beach, and is one of my favorite places to visit.  My family always frequented this area when I was really little and me and my sister would play on the playground that over looks the small beach.  My outfit was simple and comfy to travel in.  I have to say, i wore these boots all weekend and for only $7, you can not beat that. 
 This area looks so cozy, I could sit there all day!
I have a bit of an obsession with trees and absolutely love these trees.  You have to walk through them to get to the playground, then the beach.

 These pictures below were taken at the City Dock which is another of my favorite places.  The streets are small and close together and scattered with fun stores and restaurants.  You can also walk on the dock to have a better view of the bay, which is pictured at the very bottom.  The wind is so cold the closer you get to the water.

Later, we stopped by a small little restaurant on the City Dock and enjoyed crab dip, crab balls and I had the most amazing strawberry milkshake!  When you are in Maryland, you can never have enough crabs.

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