Monday, February 14, 2011

Maryland Trip: part II

My second day in Maryland was so much fun.  We went shopping at small stores that reside under the most beautiful high rise apartments.  The area is incredibly windy from the bay winds it is amazing, I swear I feel like it blows you a few steps forward.  We stopped at a kitchen store and I was offered a nespresso, cappuccino.  I can only dream to own my own espresso machine, I am quite the addict (mochas are my favorite.)  Anyway, for lunch we went to the Dutch Farmers Market, and enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Amish restaurant.  I think that it was the best food that I have ever had, mainly because it was not processed so therefore, I did not get sick like I usually do.  Later we continued to shop and drive around town ending up at my favorite restaurant, Cantlers where we had crab legs, french fries and key lime pie for desert.  
I took a few pictures of my outfit in the parking garage.  Nothing to great, but it was comfortable to wear around town.

 My mini cappuccino.
 This looked like an ice berg in the parking lot.  I am not used to seeing this much snow when the sun is out.  Where I live, it will melt whenever the sun hits it.
 The most amazing crab dip...again.
 The best crab legs, coleslaw and french fries.
 The three of us split the key lime pie.  Delicious!!

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